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Introducing C. 6-4 BC – Where Decentralizing Jesus is Essential!

With the help of cryptographic advance of the blockchain ledger as well as the other anonymous cryptocurrencies, the team behind C. 6-4 BC has created an innovative currency for the Son of God. Compared to the morally bereft cryptocurrencies available in the market today, C. 6-4 BC has the astonishing advantage of offering global access to Jesus, which is quicker and much safer than ever before! Our project started with a study of whether we can produce a new sense of values using a distributed ledger technology such as the blockchain. The main reason why we directed donations is that donations "need greater transparency and consistency" and "require providing more donations to receivers by reducing fees and the weight on service operations," and these ideas have a high attraction with the concept of the blockchain. We welcome everyone irrespective of religious beliefs to engage and earn on our platform. We plan to become the decentralized worldwide hub for individuals seeking to impact the world in a Christ-like and positive way.
• Estimated to acquire 50 Million Market Cap
• Transaction speeds
• Sin forgiving – Rest assured that C. 6-4 BC is dealing with churches to outsource sin forgiveness

Why Use and Work with C. 6-4 BC?

Here at C. 6-4 BC, we are releasing less fortunate people from poverty in the name of Jesus. We are a cryptocurrency platform with conscience and compassion.
• Saves you from Hell – With C. 6-4 BC, you can rest assured to save all of its owners from hell
• Develop your Portfolio – C. 6-4 BC coin may offer spiritual assistance to all your crypto assets, aiding to grow your combined value.
• Quick P2P Transactions – As an ERC-20 token, C. 6-4 BC makes use of the powerful Ethereum blockchain quick P2P or Pilgrim-to-Pilgrim transactions.

Our Team

The C. 6-4 BC team consists of experienced blockchain specialists, mathematician, marketing strategists, software engineers, web developers, and humanitarians.


C. 6-4 BC is a decentralized Christian charity cryptocurrency, which offers a secure and safe environment for people of faith to communicate, transact, socialize, and grow together in the knowledge of Jesus. C. 6-4 BC seeks to rebuild dreams, repair lives, and revive homes of those people who are part of the community as well as those who are reached by the C. 6-4 BC community. 10% of funds are donated to non-profit organizations and charities, and more thousands of orphans are sponsored on a monthly basis. Our project rewards contributing computing power to cancer research, letters to orphans, and knowing more about Christianity.

Where it All Started

Jesus, also called Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus Christ, or Jesus of Galilee, (born in C. 6–4 BC in Bethlehem—died C. AD 30, Jerusalem), spiritual lead admired in Christianity, one of the major religions in the world. He is considered by most Christians as the Incarnation of God. Jesus Christ (c. 6/4 BCE - c. 30 CE), also called Jesus of Galilee, Jesus child of Joseph, Jesus of Nazareth, or merely “Christ.” He was a Jewish religious forerunner who turn out to be a vital figure in Christianity, viewed by most Christian outlets as God himself. He’s reflected as a significant prophet in Muslim tradition and the forerunner of Prophet Muhammad, as well. The common belief that Jesus was born in the year 1 is the result of an innocent mistake made in 533 by Dionysus Exiguus, a Roman abbot. He recognized that it was unbearable to say when Jesus Christ was born, but he thought he identified when Herod died. Thus, he planned the different Christian calendar to begin on the year of Herod's death. He centered the date of the death of Herod on the rule of the Roman emperor Augustus but was uninformed that Augustus only embraced that name four years after his rule started, going by his birth name of Octavius till then. Exiguus began his calendar four years after the Herod’s death. Also, there is no reason to believe that Jesus was not born before 6 BC. Matthew seems to suggest that he was born well before the death of Herod. And, John 8:57 suggests that Jesus looked well over thirty years old at the time of his ministry.”

Our Vision

Our objective is to offer a verge against hyperinflation while helping people simultaneously.

Our Core Values

We are helpful, dedicated, caring, efficient, and honest to offering a quality service while not sacrificing integrity. We truly believe in keeping a cross-platform wallet, making use of highly supportable C++ and keeping a steady Prod environment.

Our Mission

To get there, we plan to become a loving community adhering to the commandments of Jesus: sharing with other people, while executing, and voting charitable cots for those people in distress. We strive to meet the practical and spiritual needs of every individual and unite together as one community, to repair lives, rebuilding dreams, and reviving hope.

Why C. 6-4 BC?

This cryptocurrency platform serves as a decentralized autonomous charity. But still, it is an investment. We benefit those in distress at 100% tithe pass-through effectiveness, while it’s a deflationary investment.
✓ A dependable network of complete nodes stays online
✓ Less mining heat compared to bitcoin – utilizing the novel C. 6-4 BC algorithm
✓ Our culture fosters a Christian environment
✓ 10% goes to high-efficacy charities and non-profit organizations
✓ Those in the community pray and help each other and extend the kingdom of Jesus We are dedicated to spreading the Gospel in the name of Jesus and have integrated a lot of novel ways of performing it. On top of that, C. 6-4 BC plans to sponsor orphans every month, and as our value developers, we will be capable of helping much more homeless people. Our goal is to give all generated coins to non-profit organizations and charities.
• Our wallet enables church organizations to get offerings and tithes.
• Opportunity to direct C. 6-4 BC initiatives through voting rights.
• Marketplace enables the opportunity to buy retail products without leaving the community.


With the help of C. 6-4 BC, leave your footprint on the world by supporting humanitarian efforts without compromising your existing income. Invest in a cryptocurrency, which is designed to boost in value over time and also offers you the chance to establish wealth.

What We Do

We connect people to Christianity on an international scale. We meet practical and spiritual needs of persons through custom development and programs. We aid families to generate income through quarterly buyback and burn. We reach people around the globe with pastors, churches and through missions as well. We help fund church-planting, missions, ministries, churches and Christian-based institutions. We help fund humanitarian outreach and efforts. Treasure your spiritual life to a new level and reap the benefit, which comes from living a fulfilling Christian life. Support the vision of the local church through contributing through offerings and tithes. C. 6-4 BC coins is for points system. Given that this point system is blocked chain based, the points could be traded on the market as a token. Individuals can buy and sell these, or hold for an increase in buying power. We have created a unique algorithm, which will monitor users activity on our site. When a specific number of tokens have been acquired, they will be deposited into the user's linked wallet. C. 6-4 BC is providing our platform to everybody free of charge! By supporting C. 6-4 BC, you can produce tokens, which can change the lives of many people around the world. Leave your footprint on the world by supporting our humanitarian efforts without compromising your existing income.

Our Path to Success

Establish a Christian Community

Here at C. 6-4 BC, we are a Christian-based project designed to sponsor orphans, purchase income generating animals for those in need and help one another in a single community.

To Become the Most Efficient

We aim to be the most efficient, be deflationary, offer the highest speed and technology, and to present a decentralized leading body, which votes on all charitable costs (thus the currency will operate as a decentralized autonomous benevolent group.)

Launch and Support

C. 6-4 BC will go live July 13, 2018. Look to find our coins on many of the trading and exchange websites worldwide. Feel free to visit our contact page for more support and assistance.


Our platform is deflationary, meaning we are tightening by ten percent every year. It lowers the risk of holding C. 6-4 BC against the currencies of the world. At C. 6-4 BC, we truly believe that spiritual poverty results to practical poverty. Further, practical poverty supports spiritual poverty. For the woes of the world to be addressed, both the practical and spiritual needs of the people should be met at the same time. That’s why C. 6-4 BC was established. Different than any existing platform, it enables both the believer and the seeker to meet their spiritual needs while endowing members to meet their financial requirements and the needs of other people who are less fortunate. That way, everyone can partake in the mandate of Jesus.


Our project has the main goal of producing a sense of values through the use of distributed ledger technology like the blockchain. We want to target donations because it requires a high level of transparency and reliability. In addition to that, we come up to this project to help reduce the burden and fees with our service operations. These concepts have a relation with blockchain’s concept. C. 6–4 BC will be organized as an erc20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. With us, clients will receive excellent services like earning an opportunity, exchange, payment system, booking system, trading, mining, and more. With the utilization of the blockchain ledger and other cryptocurrencies, our project can improve the community and serve the children of Jesus. Our target audience is the Christian church. We have a mission of giving back about 10% of our profits to help economic catastrophe. More importantly, we also want to provide foods for those who are less fortunate. We will also seek to decrease the homelessness all over the world. Moreover, our project can also be a chance to make investors and clients closer to God. This can also lower the corruption in the community. We also aim to empower every Christian with their Christianity. With us, you can benefit while serving and benefiting from the cryptocurrency.

Why C.6-4 BC?

In today’s digital generation, blockchain technology is already a big part of the daily lifestyle of the millions of individuals all over the world. Blockchain majorly plays a big part in business, culture and other aspects of life. In relation to this, it is time to decentralize Jesus too. It is why we establish our company. C.6-4 BC aims to make a currency to portray our Lord’s image. The best about our company is that we can offer you with low cost when it comes to transactions. Moreover, we can now offer maximum transparency and provide high-quality security for our clients. With us, you don’t have to worry since we are legal to operate such services. You will not be a target of fraud and scam. Thus, we apply integrity and honesty in our company. Our team is very dedicated to serving the community and the Christian community. We think that it is time to level up the connection of the people with Christianity. We make it through decentralizing the face of our savior Jesus Christ to a coin. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, our blockchain technology can help to awaken the faith and volunteerism of the people. With us, there is nothing to be concern about since we have a team of dedicated individuals that can work with passion and integrity. We also ensure the security and safety of our clients, so you will not be stressed out in the process. Transactions are very easy and more innovative. With the use of state of the art technology, we assure you that working with us will be a sure success. We want you to be a great part of our success, so don’t hesitate to participate in our project. When you choose to coordinate with us, you will never be disappointed since you can help and support others without making much effort. Your willingness to help will be significantly appreciated. Thus, we greatly recognize the help of our clients. On the other hand, we also want to build family-like relationships with our clients. We want to establish a united Christian community.



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Development Roadmap

We are a bunch of people who embody the united spirit of our Team Adventure.

Milestone One 06-30/2018

  • Launch
  • Windows / Linux wallets
  • Blockchain explorer
  • First exchange listings
  • Whitepaper

Milestone Two 08-15/2018

  • Mobile Wallets
  • Additional Exchanges
  • Marketing
    1. Sponsorship of skiing events
      Bounty campaigns. etc
      National and International Press
  • Web Wallet
  • Finding partners & investors

Milestone Three 09-12/2018

  • Contracts with Partners (Churches, Spiritual Networks & Christian Businesses)
  • Marketing
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Own exchange platform

Milestone Four 12/2018 – 03/2019

  • C.6-4 BC distribution
  • Further contracts with partners
  • Marketing

Milestone Five 03-05/2019

  • Service Providers
  • Further contracts with partners
  • Marketing
  • Define new goals & milestones . . .



The advantages of C. 6-4 BC

We all know that our Jesus Christ is our savior. Well, we come up to this project to make Christianity more powerful. Working with us can be a very big help to save the lives of others who are also in need. The advantage of our project is that you can provide others with their basic needs simply and creatively. Jesus coin can be your primary coin when it comes to various transactions. Furthermore, it can also be used to reward you financially. Our platform can be a life-changing platform since it can make a change among people in a better way. With our project, you can also support and greatly contribute to support worldly missions as well as humanitarian works. We want to make a positive influence on the lives of the people in the world to reduce the crisis that is really bothering. It is why we want blockchain technology to relate to the lives of Christianity. We want to help in a Christ-like manner. If you have the readiness to help others too, you are always welcome to coordinate with us. We are always eager to lend our helping hand to lessen the burden that other people suffer. Simply, we are glad to know that we can make something to change the lives of our fellowmen.


If you are not buying C. 6-4 BC, you will miss the chance of helping other Christian people all over the world. Thus, our project will seriously help the less fortunate people to improve the way of their living.

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